B0NA F1DE is a collective of international artist-thinkers with the mission to preserve the full-fledged plurality of visual arts in a contemporary context. We create artworks that are a commentary on the contemporary world, bringing society to self-examination by provoking new perspectives and experiences. Our intention is to be a catalyst for a new vision of the contemporary world and to instigate a new vision for the contemporary world through making artworks that are inclusive and accessible to a broad audience. Our artworks encourage the audience to reflect on the current situation, both individually and collectively. To realize our goals, B0NA F1DE has formed a core team of artists. This team consists of artists from the USA, Nigeria, Romania, Paraguay, and so forth.

Arapysandú Salvatierra (b. 1977)

Fuga de la Tierra No.1, 2012

Acrylic on Canvas